Testing: Please tell me you got email notice of this new NonprofitAF blog post!

[Image descriptions: Two very cute bunnies, one that’s brown and white, and one black and white, munching on wild flowers. Image by castleguard on Pixabay]

Hi everyone, I’ve been having issues with the email notification system, which is why email subscribers hadn’t been getting notices for the past two months!

I’m working to resolve it, and I think it’s been fixed now, thanks to the tech experts. Please, a few of you who are subscribed by email, let me know in the comment section that you received an email notice that this blog post was published!

(It’s been a surreal few months. I was wondering why my traffic plummeted and just thought people hated me or have started disliking pictures of baby animals! I mean, I wrote an amazing article on codpieces, and only about 8 people read it!)