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If you need to reach me, please email Or email my agent Stacy at for speaking or consulting. Unfortunately, I am always behind on emails, as well as personal hygiene, so my apologies in advance if it takes me a long, long time to get back to you. To save some time and possibly frustration, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

“Do you accept guest blog posts?” No, sorry. There are some amazing writers out there, but I just don’t have time to read through submissions and curate which guest blog posts to run.

“Do you do keynote speeches or panels?” Yes, please email my agent at

“Do you do paid or sponsored posts, or paid links?” Currently, no. And also unlikely for the future. 

“Can I repost one of your blog posts in its entirety on my own site or newsletter?”: You can use excerpts (one to two paragraphs) if you link back to If you want to publish entire posts, though, it will cost money. Contact

“Can I pay you to write about something?” No, sorry.

“Can I ask for your advice on something I’m dealing with, or just general career advice?” Unfortunately, I am swamped with work and family and can’t personally provide support to all the amazing fellow nonprofit professionals facing really complex challenges. Please join the Nonprofit Happy Hour Facebook group, or ED Happy Hour if you are a current/past ED/CEO. Those groups were established to help fellow nonprofit professionals provide peer support to one another. They are full of brilliant, wonderful people, and getting feedback from a group of individuals is often more helpful than from one perspective. And on NPHH, there are Anonymizers who will ask your question for you so that you can remain anonymous if you wish

“I have this great product/service that would help nonprofits. Would you consider promoting it on your site?” No. There are just so many products and services, and I’ve been swamped with requests, so I have a rule about not promoting anything.

“What if it’s free/discounted for nonprofits?” Nope.  

“Can I place an ad on your site?” Yes, ads support the maintenance of this site. Please visit the advertising page for more info.

“What’s with you and all those pictures of baby animals in many of your posts?” Baby animals are cute, and researchers have found a correlation between looking at pictures of baby animals and increased productivity. I’m not making it up. Google it!

“I wrote you an email/blog-comment/tweet/Instagram-comment/FB-comment and you never responded! Why do you hate me?! Or are you just a jerk?!” I definitely don’t hate you! You’re amazing! It’s just that I can’t keep up with everything. I do try to read everything though, but reading something takes only a few seconds, while writing a thoughtful response can take me five or ten or more minutes. And I want to write thoughtful responses. So if you never hear from me, it’s not that I don’t appreciate your comment or email, I just am pressed for time and constantly exhausted due to having two adorable little kids. You’re awesome! And I really appreciate your messages and comments! They keep me going, even when I don’t respond. 

“Can I suggest a topic for you to write?” Yes, absolutely. Please do. I can’t guarantee I will write about it, but I do appreciate hearing what is on my colleagues’ minds. Apologies ahead of time, though, if I don’t get back to you. I read every email and consider everything, but as I said above, writing a response takes a lot more time.

“What is your favorite song by Foreigner?” I like the classic “I Want to Know What Love Is,” but I am also partial to the underrated “Until the End of Time”

“Can I get your feedback on this article/report/white-paper/presentation that I’m working on? It’s on diversity/equity/other topics you write about”: No, sorry. I am always impressed by all the great projects the people in our sector are leading. Unfortunately, again, I just don’t have time to read and provide feedback.

“Would you guest-speak in my class?” I do enjoy speaking with students about the nonprofit sector. Please email my agent at

“My company makes this amazing product. If I send you a sample, would you write about it?” No, this is a nonprofit blog, and I don’t do product reviews. Well…unless it’s vegan food and it’s good and you send me a whole bunch of it. Vegan chocolate, especially. 

“Would you join my advisory board or actual board? We could totally use your voice!” Thank you, but I am trying to cut down on commitments that are taking me away from time with my family.

“Do you consult or train on some of the things you write and talk about, such as hiring practices or funding dynamics or board diversity?” When time allows, yes. Please email my agent at if you are interested in training, meeting/retreat facilitation, or consultation.   

“Would you be on my webinar or podcast?” Yes, when time allows. Please contact my agent at

“Dad, I can’t believe I’ve found you! I am your son! 30 years ago, when you were a carefree teenager in Memphis…”

That’s all the time we have, everyone. This FAQ will be updated once a while as new questions come up. Thanks for all you do.