[Image description: A fluffy yellow duckling, very fluffy. It’s sitting on the ground with its head facing our left. Seriously, this duckling is very fluffy and cute]

If you need to reach me, please email Unfortunately, since I am an Executive Director with two kids under five, I am always behind on emails, as well as personal hygiene, so my apologies in advance if it takes me a long, long time to get back to you. To save some time and possibly frustration, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

“Do you accept guest blog posts?” No, sorry. There are some amazing writers out there, but I just don’t have time to read through submissions and curate which guest blog posts to run.

“Do you do keynote speeches or panels?” Yes, please email my agent at

“Do you do paid or sponsored posts, or paid links?” Currently, no. And also unlikely for the future.  

“Can I pay you to write about something?” No, sorry.

“Can I ask for your advice on something I’m dealing with, or just general career advice?” Unfortunately, I am swamped with work and family and can’t personally provide support to all the amazing fellow nonprofit professionals facing really complex challenges. Please join the Nonprofit Happy Hour Facebook group, or ED Happy Hour if you are a current/past ED/CEO. Those groups were established to help fellow nonprofit professionals provide peer support to one another. They are full of brilliant, wonderful people, and getting feedback from a group of individuals is often more helpful than from one perspective. And on NPHH, there are Anonymators who will ask your question for you so that you can remain anonymous if you wish; the Anonymators’ names are listed in the group description.

“I have this great product/service that would help nonprofits. Would you consider promoting it on your site?” No. There are just so many products and services, and I’ve been swamped with requests, so I have a rule about not promoting anything.

“What if it’s free/discounted for nonprofits?” Nope.  

“Can I place an ad on your site?” Yes, ads support the maintenance of this site. Please see this ads package for more details.

“What’s with you and all those pictures of baby animals in many of your posts?” Baby animals are cute, and researchers have found a correlation between looking at pictures of baby animals and increased productivity. I’m not making it up. Google it!

“I wrote you an email/blog-comment/tweet/Instagram-comment/FB-comment and you never responded! Why do you hate me?! Or are you just a jerk?!” I definitely don’t hate you! You’re amazing! It’s just that I can’t keep up with everything. I do read everything though, but reading something takes only a few seconds, while writing a thoughtful response can take me five or ten or more minutes. And I want to write thoughtful responses. So if you never hear from me, it’s not that I don’t appreciate your comment or email, I just am pressed for time and constantly exhausted due to having two adorable little kids. You’re awesome! And I really appreciate your messages and comments! They keep me going, even when I don’t respond. 

“Can I suggest a topic for you to write?” Yes, absolutely. Please do. I can’t guarantee I will write about it, but I do appreciate hearing what is on my colleagues’ minds. Apologies ahead of time, though, if I don’t get back to you. I read every email and consider everything, but as I said above, writing a response takes a lot more time.

“Can I quote or reprint your posts on my blog/newsletter?” Sure, just please make sure to credit me/NAF and link back to the original post on this blog. And please do not change my words, paragraph orders, etc. 

 “What is your favorite song by Foreigner?” I like the classic “I Want to Know What Love Is,” but I am also partial to the underrated “Until the End of Time”

“Can I get your feedback on this article/report/white-paper/presentation that I’m working on? It’s on diversity/equity/other topics you write about”: No, sorry. I am always impressed by all the great projects the people in our sector are leading. Unfortunately, again, I just don’t have time to read and provide feedback.

“Would you guest-speak in my class?” I do enjoy speaking with students about the nonprofit sector. Please email my agent at But, I am out of town a lot, so it may take months of advance notice before we can find a time that works. If it’s more than an hour or two or requires me to travel outside Seattle, especially on a weekend, it will take more time and probably resources. 

“My company makes this amazing product. If I send you a sample, would you write about it?” No, this is a nonprofit blog, and I don’t do product reviews. Well…unless it’s vegan food and it’s good and you send me a whole bunch of it. Vegan chocolate, especially. Or booze.

“Would you join my advisory board or actual board? We could totally use your voice!” Thank you, but I am trying to cut down on commitments that are taking me away from time with my family.

“Do you consult or train on some of the things you write and talk about, such as hiring practices or funding dynamics or board diversity?” When time allows, yes. But I do charge $500 per hour. That’s pretty steep, but that’s because most of the time, this funding goes to my organization as earned-revenues to support its critical mission, and I only have so much time outside my main work and writing. Please email my agent at if you are interested in training, meeting/retreat facilitation, or consultation.   

“Would you be on my webinar or podcast?” I do try to be supportive of podcasts when my time allows. Webinars, however, are a bit more challenging, since I am not as familiar with them and they take a lot longer to prepare, so it’s unlikely. Please contact my agent at

“Dad, I can’t believe I’ve found you! I am your son! 20 years ago, when you were a carefree teenager in Memphis…”

That’s all the time we have, everyone. This FAQ will be updated once a while as new questions come up. Thanks for all you do.

  • Christine Soto

    You are incredibly funny and insightful. I do not want you to do anything for free nor do I have a grant to give you. That’s it, buddy.

    • Vu

      Thanks, Christine. You are so sweet to comment. I’d take this nice comment over a grant any day.

  • Jason

    Hi, can you explain your website’s name please? What do testicles have to do with fundraising, especially given that most fundraisers are women? It sounds very sexist and I think you should consider changing it.


    • Vu

      Jason, that’s explained in the About page.

    • Jason, that’s explained the About page.

      • Jason

        Thanks, but that’s not an explanation. It doesn’t work to deny the socially agreed meanings of words, and evidently you’re perfectly aware that one of the two main meanings of the word ‘balls’ is ‘testicles’. You’ve also used the phrase on a picture of a man standing in his underwear, with no juggling balls pictured, which you refer to in your ‘about’ page. If the sexist connotation of your site’s name isn’t intended, then I think you should change it.

        • This is a nonprofit humor blog, and the header image refers to one of my favorite shows, Breaking Bad. It’s a personal website, and anyone who is offended by its contents is not obligated to read it. But, I hope you’ll stick around and give it a chance before you judge it.

          • Jason

            Thanks for replying, but again, you haven’t really addressed my point. A sexist comment or title doesn’t stop being sexist because it’s on a humor blog, or because it’s associated with a non-profit, or because it’s said in private – if I say something sexist to my friend in private that obviously doesn’t affect whether the comment is sexist or not. And of course I agree that I’m not obligated to read your site. I’m not really complaining that you’ve offended me – I’m telling you your site has sexist content and you should change it.

          • Vu

            Thanks for the feedback.

          • It’s not JUST a man in his underroos…it’s a nod to the popular television show, Breaking Bad, and I’m a woman and I love this blog. Thanks Vu, I’m a new subscriber and so excited for future posts.

          • I think it’s funny, and this comment just shows the lack of humor in the sector, which Vu is trying to alleviate.

          • Traci, this comment is 4 months too late, but thank you for defending Nonprofit With Balls!

          • John Carter

            Sounds like all of Jason’s humorless and self-important diatribes could be added to the top section once he gets done juggling your balls.

          • LOL, thanks for the support, John, and for a great laugh. There’s enough seriousness in our work that we really can’t take ourselves this seriously.

  • This. Is. Amazing. Wow. I am going to put something similar on my site. I love it and respect your candor – it’s refreshing and SO needed! Thanks.

    • Julia, sorry for the late response to your comment. Thank you for the great encouragement, and for all the shoutouts on Twitter. I really appreciate it.

  • Scott Smith

    Great stuff, Vu. I love your contact page. I think everyone should (humorously) explain their terms.

    • Thanks so much, Scott. Sorry for this late response. Unfortunately, my social media skills need a lot of work.

      • Scott Smith

        No worries. Better than lacking in your in-person social skills. I’m enjoying your site. Nice work.


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    Thank you!

  • Nicole

    I just signed up for your weekly messages so my Mondays suck less. Your “5 lessons for nonprofits from the Seahawks’ bizarre Super Bowl loss”, showed up on my Facebook feed because a Rabbi friend posted it. I find your take refreshing and informative. I hope to use something – if not just fun trivia facts to impress others.

  • Lynda Swanson

    Vu ~ A sign! I have no idea why you have a Sport Coach that ate a Travco as a logo on your page but that go my attention as I have had both of similar vintage. I suspect that you may be a fellow vintage RV enthusiast. So we are friends then right? Sooooo, I am starting this non profit………. actually I am, soon, when I find fellow members. Meanwhile it’s me talking on a Facebook page to myself mostly. If you would like to read what it’s about, I welcome your comments. Just make sure that you’re funny. CommunityCocoons on facebook.

  • Christopher Rogers


    I just wanted to thank you for writing something so refreshing. I am a lowly AmeriCorps peon building infrastructure here in California and often find myself laughing out loud and learning from some of your insights. I have finally found some work that I am passionate about, and it is so great to see people who are realistic about the intricacies of infrastructure building. Keep on, keepin’ on!

  • I was just introduced to this website. I feel as if my life is a little more complete. Thank you, you sexy unicorn!

  • Jenny Henry

    Love your blog… it’s so funny!! And whaaaat, you’re a vegan too!? Awesome!

  • Christine Soto

    Well, I haven’t looked at the blog for a while and I was so so so so sad to NOT see that great illustration of you in your underwear and now there’s this silly creature. (A cat-like thingy) Are you going for cute? How very disconcerting. (Sent with love & respect)

  • Lawrence Pitre

    Vu, I would like to set up a meeting with you. I am currently a grad student and was referred to you by friends within our communities.

  • Simone Joye

    How did it take me so long to find you! I was gonna request you serve on our board of directors of the National Association of Nonprofit Professionals (, but then I readdddddddddddddd…lol…Anyway, I’m a new fan! Keep on doing your thing. I’m sharing everywhere and featuring your dating article in our very first newsletter. I’m trying my best to build and represent our sector on a national scale. Time for us to get the respect we deserve, afterall, we make up 11 million workers in the USA and work in the third largest industry in America. Who cares, right? Well I do. So if you’re up to being a national hero one day..look us/me up…it does come with a complimentary membership ;-).

  • Julie Edwards

    To add to ED etiquette rules… “An ED shall not attend another ED’s fundraiser with the sole purpose of ruthlessly and shamelessly poaching their big ticket donors.” We have an ED locally who does this move all the time and we want to shut her down. Any ideas?

  • Lucas Diaz

    Saludos, Vu. Just learned of this site today, man, and it’s so damn on point I’m going to make sure my fellow nonprofit director pals here in New Orleans check out what your offer, especially my friend Minh who’s been running VAYLA since 2006. Thanks for putting this out there. Love the good info and the fun, frank, yet serious tone.

  • Edward Lane

    I am all for this kind of effort. I had considered writing posts about “referencing” (as opposed to “citing,” “mentioning,” etc.) and another of my peeves, “based out of” (as if the person in question was a battleship) instead of “from.” I would urge, however, that you make a distinction between grammar (“the study of the classes of words, their inflections, and their functions and relations in the sentence”) and diction (the choice of words).

  • Taylor

    Hi Vu, Thanks for all your work and help. I’m in a new position to make big changes and impact for a startup nonprofit. Your ideas support the direction we are moving – and being a startup gives us a good chance to move in that direction from the get go. I’m in the middle of building staffing roles. Any suggestions on where to find resources on creating positions that reflect the inter-connectedness of jobs over the siloed reporting charts. I’m sick of the same work organization charts that put staff in silos — when that’s not how we work in a small non profits. Also, want shorter jobs descriptions — is there any support out there for more of a summary of role? or is that a ticking bomb. As you can tell, my HR background is limited at best — mostly on the ground and in the field experience. Thanks.

  • Erica

    Thanks for being in Austin with us this week. Your presentation was awesome!!!! And if you send me your slide show I can seriously fix that first slide in like five seconds!!!

  • Melina Watts

    I did not realize that we have a Great Unicorn who cares about the non-profit sector and feel so much better now that I know…

    Wonderful post today. Thank you.

  • Michelle Douglas

    Vu, I am a big fan of your column and the day I was quoted in one of them was one of the 7 wonders/ highlights of my life. I am interested in the topic of background checks. I see so many ED’s on the Happy Hour that are running them on all staff and volunteers and I am interested in your thoughts about how with the targeting of marginalized populations for incarceration, especially the African American population, if we are not perpetuating the loss of opportunity that is already so prevalent in our society. I see where it is needed sometimes but others I am not so sure. What do you think?

  • Jacqueline Martinez

    Vu! You are my hero!!! Thank you!! You lift us all up!!

  • Info BFA

    I love the new name but am curious about the change. Bitter sweet. I understand the conformity of the change for mass appeal but somehow feel slighted. You know the whole free speech thing. However, the fearlessness of all “trumps’ any one man’s testicular fortitude. I hope!

  • Techie Tiger

    I miss the Nonprofitwithballs URL.. what happend to that?

  • Aryu

    Hello I’d first like to say I’m native American and I’ve just read this article

    This article does not speak for all native Americans we are not all sensitive about everything. I probably agree with 5 of the points presented but most of it makes us sound like cry babies.

  • Richard L. Lance III

    Don’t know if allowed or even in the right place to ask… But I’m a single dad 44yrs old who works full-time but have been struggling this year with illness and have found no resources for a man raising 2 boys 7&10 and looking for help. About to lose my daycare provider that costs $125wk and my 98toyota minivan is on it’s last leg. I’m in trouble and want to give up but can’t because my kids need me. Their mom is a junkie and never see her or get help. Have no family around here to help.. I’m stressed and depressed. Don’t qualify for state or government programs.. have about 1/2 income this year from previous years.. I am just lost 🙁 Please let me know of any resources or information… Please! Thank you

  • Karin Duval

    Can we still get NWB merchandise? (Do you have any left over somewhere?)