Cultural Competency Points

We talk about Cultural Competency all the time, but is there an effective way to measure how culturally competent we are? Not really. But now there is one that is close. By reading NWB posts that touch on cultural competency, you can earn CC points, which will earn you cool titles. Below is the list of blog posts that you can earn points by reading. This is an honor system. You have to read the whole post, not just skim through it. And you have to keep track of your own points.

  • Being a Nonprofit with balls part 1 (10 points)
  • Being a nonprofit with balls, part 2 (10 points)
  • Being a nonprofit with balls, part 3 (10 points)
  • Collective Impact: Resistance is futile! (10 points)
  • An Immigrant kid’s reflections on community (10 points)
  • The inequitable distribution of hope (10 points)
  • Europe’s nonprofit structure: The good, the bad, the stylish (10 points)
  • Community engagement 101: Why most summits suck (10 points)
  • The gluten-freeing of community engagement (10 points)
  • When wombats go wild: Cultural Competency at the Mezzo and Macro Levels (20 points)
  • A different kind of retreat (10 points)
  • Are you a cultural competency wombat? Take this quiz to find out (10 points)
  • Reflections for Thanksgiving (10 points)
  • Scary stories to tell at Halloween parties; and chicken soup for the ED’s soul (15 points)
  • 10 things you need to do before the Lunar New Year starts (10 points)
  • Capacity Building 9.0: Fund people to do stuff and get out of their way (10 points)
  • The Baker’s Dilemma and the inequity of restricted funding (10 points)
  • Are you or your org guilty of Trickle-Down Community Engagement (20 points)
  • Are you or your org or foundation being an askhole? (10 points)
  • Is Equity the new coconut water? (10 points)
  • The Equity of risk and failure (10 points)
  • The Game of Nonprofit and how it leaves some communities behind (10 points)
  • Capacity building for communities of color: Why the paradigm must shift (15 points)
  • Our hiring practices are inequitable and need to change (10 points)
  • When you don’t disclose salary range on a job posting, a unicorn loses its wings (15 points)
  • Waiting for unicorns: The supply and demands of diversity and inclusion (15 points)
  • Weaponized data: How the focus on data has been hurting marginalized communities (30 points)
  • Are you guilty of Fakequity? If so, what to do about it (15 points)
  • Why we should rethink accountability as an organizational and societal value (10 points)
  • Why communities of color are getting frustrated with Collective Impact (15 points)
  • Funders, your grant application process may be perpetuating inequity (15 points)
  • Why Equality is actively harmful to equity (15 points)
  • Is your organization or foundation setting Capacity Traps? (15 points)

More posts will be added as they are written. And there will be more ways to earn points. Here are the titles you can achieve!

  • 25 points–Congratulations, you’re a Cultural Competency Wombat!
  • 50 points–Whoa, you’re a Cultural Competency Bunny!
  • 75 points–No way, you’re a Cultural Competency Hedgehog!
  • 100 points–OMG, you’re a Cultural Competency Platypus!
  • 250 points–Dude, you’re a Cultural Competency Griffin!
  • 500 points–Eeek, you’re a Cultural Competency Phoenix!
  • 1000 points–No frakking way, you’re a Cultural Competency Unicorn!!!
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  • kmchugh

    where is the darn like button? 🙂 this is beautiful.

    • Aw thanks kmchugh (Sorry this response took forever!)

  • Dana Jaehnert

    Vu – there is no way to be a Cultural Competency Griffin, Phoenix, or Unicorn – because the points don’t add up to past 150! I’m freaking out here!!

    • Dana, I’ve updated the points and added more articles. Should be able to achieve Griffin status right now. None of us can be Cultural Competency Phoenix or Unicorns just yet.

      • Dana Jaehnert

        Ok, sounds good to me!

      • MainelyTom

        What if we read it twice? I mean, what else is there to do on our 5 minute lunch breaks?

  • Perverse incentive: my favorite of the things on that list is the wombat. 😛

  • jryker

    This is going right into our tribal college grant writing course as extra credit…